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Water Heater Repair and Replacement

When you trust MRC Plumbing Co. for your water heater repair and replacement, you can expect the very best service from professional plumbing experts. Water heater repair can be risky for inexperienced residents, for this reason, it’s best to call

MRC Plumbing Co for 24-hour emergency water heater service. Once MRC Plumbing arrives we will assess the issue and determine the best repairs or replacement providing you with a written quote. Your home will have hot water once repairs are completed as quickly as possible.

How Do You Know When To Replace a Water Heater?

  • Rust Colored Water
  • Tank is Leaking
  • Increase in Water Bill
  • Making Noise or Rumbling Sound
  • Water Around Tank
  • Pilot Light Not Staying Lit

Experience You Can Trust

We have extensive experience in the industry and are prepared to service most brands. Our team only sells the most reliable and trusted equipment on the market – you can rest assured that any new installations will be completed with durable and high-quality products. We service brands such as AO Smith, American Standard, Rheem, and much more.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement

Most tank water heaters can last anywhere for 5-10 years depending on various factors. But it doesn’t mean that this appliance will last forever! Here at MRC Plumbing Co., we can help you select and install a tank water heater.

Our water heater installation services include not just installation but also help and guidance in selecting the right water heater. It’s important because there are a wide variety of options available out there. Not choosing the right heater will not give you the right results.

No need to worry about scheduling plumbing service, as we stand ready 24/7. If you find yourself needing a 24-hour plumber, call us at (573)518-7474. Additionally, we can provide ongoing services for residential and commercial systems to prevent any further plumbing emergency. Call or book an appointment online.




Water Heater Leak Repair

A water heater leak can be a wide range of problems, all of which manufactures recommend they be repaired immediately to avoid total failure. MRC Plumbers are experts at water heater leak repairs.

Water Heater Maintenance

Like any other appliance, water heaters require a regular maintenance plan to operate effectively and safely. Regular water heater maintenance can help extend the life of the unit and prevent unwelcome leaks or other problems. The maintenance needed for your water heater depends on the location, design of the unit, and water quality. Consult with MRC Plumbing Co to maximize the life of your water heater. If you suspect your pump is beginning to malfunction, it important to address the issues immediately to avoid costly flooding or water damage, you should the MRC Plumbing Co at the first thought of a malfunctioning sump pump

Water Heater Installation & Replacement

Water heater installation and replacement is a task left best to licensed and professional plumbers at MRC Plumbing Co. Removing and disposing of it safely are all services we provide with a replacement if requested. Our plumbers handle all of your water heater needs, especially if you have an unusual size to fit a storage area.

Commercial Water Heater Installation

Water heaters are essential for any commercial property to allow for cooking, cleaning, and more. If your business is in need of a repair or replacement for your water heater MRC Plumbing Co is well training and offers 24-hour emergency service. Give MRC Plumbing Co a call to diagnose your water heater issues and get hot water flowing again quickly.



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