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Water Damage Cleanup

The water damage professionals at MRC Plumbing Co. offer quick water damage cleanup for both homeowners and businesses. We are here 24/7/365 day a year when you need our services the most. Our water and sewage cleanup services include:

Water Damage
Water Damage

Cleaning the mess caused by pipe breaks and failing plumbing fixtures. We have the expertise in water damage cleanup and plumber repair including water heater leaks, broken pipes, and sump pumps.


Cleaning up sewage from your toilet and sewer drain backups.

Cleaning up and flooding caused by the weather. Whether your basement flooded due to heavy rain we have the tools and the experience for cleaning your water damage.

Cleaning a home or business after water damage is an in-depth and important job. Simple DIY drying and water restoration techniques are often not enough when removing water from your home or business. Your walls, carpet, and floor coverings are all porous materials which meaning simple cleaning in most cases will just not suffice. They all must be thoroughly dried, cleaned, and disinfected by certified and training water restoration professionals in order to eliminate harmful bacteria fungi or other viruses.

Cleaning, Drying, and Deodorizing

MRC Plumbing Co. will promptly clean the contents of any affected areas while removing non-salvageable items. Our cleaning process is extensive and includes the use of antimicrobials and deodorizers, as well as air cleaning devices(Air Scrubbers) and air movers and dehumidifiers. The advanced MRC Plumbing equipment is not removed until our humidity and moisture testing confirms all areas affected have been dried to acceptable levels as set by IICRC.

Water Damage Repairs Need To Be Handled Correctly.

Regardless of how the water entered your commercial or residential property, you will need to address it as soon as possible. Luckily you’ve found a reliable water damage repair company willing to take your call at any time. Waiting to treat your home or business for water damage can lead to further complications, including:

  • Further damage to the structure of your property: water infiltration into the foundation and woodwork is an immediate concern, and failure to treat it promptly can result in rotting and serious structural damage.
  • Long term displacement: the longer you wait to seek repairs, the longer it will take to complete the repair process. This can prolong the need to stay away from home or keep your business out of commission longer.
  • Mold and other health concerns: Health risks are an inherent concern of any water damage. Part of the initial assessment will include evaluating the risk of health and sanitary concerns to your family or employees. Though this is included in every evaluation, the risk increases the longer you wait to repair the damage. Water sitting in your property untreated is a recipe for disaster. Molding can cause asthma, constant cold symptoms such as irritated throat and runny nose, sinus infections and more.



Emergency Plumber Crew


MRC Plumbing Co. is an local leader in cleaning more drains and main line repairs more than any other local plumber in the area.


We provide our plumbers with everything they need to solve your plumbing problems on the first trip.


Our plumbers are considerate,friendly professionals who will treat your home and family alike with kindness and respect.

Why DIY Solutions Just Don’t Work

If you have flushed or sent things such as egg shells, coffee grounds or feminine products or even flushable whites you may end up with a large collection of items in your pipes that cannot dissolve or move past the system to the city’s sewer system. When that is the case you need the help of a professional plumber such as those at MRC Plumbing Co.


Stay away from chemical drain cleaners! These products often will not resolve your drain clog issues, and will eat away at your pipes, dissolve the glues used for connections. In many cases trying to use these products will not work, and often better to call a professional plumber.


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