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Count on MRC Plumbing for all of your Plumbing Needs. Plumbing and drain issues never happen at a convenient or good time. In fact, it seems like they may only happen on holidays or special occasions or in the middle of the night. That’s when it’s time to call MRC Plumbing Co your emergency plumbers to take care of all of your emergency plumber needs. Our expert plumbers are = ready and available to tackle your emergency plumbing issues.

We offer professional seven days a week, same day service. We know that if you have an emergency it cannot wait- we are always here to help.

MRC Plumbing Co. is a local leader in cleaning more drains and mainline repairs more than any other local plumber in the area. Our plumbers provide both residential and commercial services for a wide range of clogs and drains.

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Our plumbers in the Farmington area have seen and done just about it all when it comes to plumbing. We have the expertise, expertise, and tools to fix a wide range of issues. Our plumbing services include:

Plumber Working Under Sink Clearing Clog

A water leak can reak havoc on your home and cause an incredible amount of damage. When you discover a leak or bealive you may have a leak, one call to MRC Plumbing Co can solve your leak problems. Quickly and Promptly.

Clogged or slow drains are common plumbing issues that, if left untreated, can lead to even bigger problems. It’s important to resolve minor drain issues with drain cleaning before a major sewer line backup occurs. If you are experiencing a wastewater backup, don’t wait—call MRC Plumbing Co.

If your water heater is failing to reach the desired temperature you need to take a hot shower, wash dishes or if your tank is leaking. It is time for a replacement. We offer full repair, installation, and maintenance services for local residences or commercial buildings.

A licensed MRC Plumbing Co. plumber can expedite replacing the toilet and address any other bathroom repairs. Making sure the job is done right, the first time.


Our experienced team is dedicated to providing professional and prompt emergency water damage cleanup for commercial businesses and homeowners so they can get back to work or back in their home as soon as possible. Give us a call any time and we’ll respond immediately to resolve water damage issues for your property.

MRC Plumbing Co. can help identify the source of the toilet leaks and repair them with high-quality replacement parts, possibly eliminating the need of replacing the entire toilet. If your toilet is leaking, contact MRC Plumbing Co today.

What to do after calling a plumber?

Once you discover you have emergency plumbing issues call MRC Plumbing Co. immediately to get the process started. Once you have completed this step it is important to take a few steps to limit possible damage.

Shut Off Water Supply

Find your water main valve is and shut it off. This should cut the water supply to your home and minimize water damage to your home. In most cases, you should have a shutoff valve located near or at the water meter or where the water supply enters your home.

Remove Standing Water

Do not wait when it comes to waiting for the professional plumber to arrive. Turn on the doors, open the windows, and grab a nearby mop or towel to remove standing water. This helps reduce water damage and possible mold growth and prepares the area for the plumber to begin repairs quicker.

Move Furniture to a Dry Area

Move all furniture away from standing water. And if that is not possible—some furniture is not easily moved—use aluminum foil to cover the furniture




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Expert Plumbing Services

"I had an emergency plumbing issue around like 10:30 at night and was able to get ahold of them and they arrived within 15 minutes and was able to take care of our issue. Highly recommend them"



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Expert Plumbing Services

"The guys showed up was very courteous gave us a bid we accepted, they got right to work running new water lines to the New Tankless Water Heater was done in no timely manner cleaned up ..."



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Expert Plumbing Services

"Mark is one of the most professional contractors that I have ever used. I had a difficult install on a remodel job that the previous contractor messed up. Courteous and knowledgeable..."



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