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MRC Plumbing Co’s professional and licensed plumbers are available 24/7 to perform routine maintenance and installation and 24/7 emergency faucet repair services. If it’s a kitchen sink, bathtub or shower, or outdoor faucet. MRC Plumbing Co has the tools to handle any faucet function.

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Any nonfunctioning plumbing in a bathroom can disrupt an entire day. Even a slow drip on a bathroom faucet can have a large effect on your water bill. Leaky or malfunctioning bathroom faucets should be addressed immediately o conserve water and avoid extensive water damage. From drop to no water pressure, MRC Plumbing can help 24/7 with most bathroom faucet including:

  • Ball
  • Disk
  • Compression
  • Cartridge

Additionally, MRC Plumbing Co can install and replace new bathroom faucets and any other plumbing fixtures as part of home renovations. Call MRC Plumbing Co today to talk to one of our expert plumbers about installing new bathroom faucets.


Kitchen faucets are just as critical to a functioning home as bathroom faucets. Just like bathroom faucets, drips and leaks can lead to extensive water damage and higher than normal water bills.  MRC Plumbing Co plumbers are skilled and experienced at kitchen faucet repairs and maintenance.

Our MRC Plumbing Co plumbers can help repair and install a new sink or garbage disposal. We make sure that it is done properly the first time without any leaks causing water damage. Our plumbers want to make sure you feel at ease that your kitchen is more than just beautiful, but also functional.

Commercial plumbing systems can have heavy usage. Large commercial businesses often have several different types of faucets on site, and the often-used faucets may see hundred or possibly thousands of gallons of water flowing thru them each day. Repetitive high faucet usage may result in physical wear and year and leaks.

Commercial faucets that may leak or do not fully turn on or off can result in property damage and high water bills for your business. Commercial faucets that fail to regulate water temperature can be potentially harmful to your customers. MRC Plumbing co will texture that your faucets operate as intended.

MRC Plumbing Co provides outdoor faucet repair service. Outdoor faucets may become damaged and they can start leaking, leading to high water bills and possibly flooding. They are susceptible to damage in the colder winter months. MRC Plumbing Co faucet repair services include outdoor faucet repair.

In some extreme cases, an outdoor faucet leak can be the result of a cracked or damaged pipe in the water lines that could run thru your property.  Call MRC Plumbing for any plumbing problems, from an emergency leak to a routine inspection of your outdoor faucet. If you have any issues with your outside faucet contact MRC Plumbing Co Today!

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