3 Tips to Hiring a Plumber

3 Tips To Quickly Find A Reliable Plumber

There’s nothing worse than dealing with a plumbing issue when you are in the middle of your week. It means that you need to quickly find a reliable plumber and, of course, make yourself available for the plumber to come in and do the work for you.

It’s important to make sure that you understand that the right plumber can make all the difference. Not only do you need to make sure you’ll get the repair done right, you also want to be charged a decent price for the repair, not ripped off by someone who is just in it for the money.

If you’ve ever been burned with a bad plumber, you know even more that the right one is going to make all of the difference. So here’s how you can quickly find a reliable plumber.

1. Check with your neighbors for a shortlist: Since the people who live around you are going to be the most realistic options in terms of getting honest thoughts and opinions, don’t be afraid to reach out to your friendly neighbors and get their opinion on who to trust for dependable plumbing services. It might be helpful to check with a few of your neighbors and write down the names that you get. The names that overlap could give you a good idea of who to trust the most.

2. Research online: When you have a shortlist of who you think may be the right match for you, take those names and look around online to see what’s out there on the companies. You can cross-reference the names that your neighbors gave with any online reviews. This can help you refine your search a bit more and give you an idea of who does consistently good work.

3. Take a look at the general options online: If you can’t check with your neighbors, or you feel that they aren’t giving you enough information to feel confident in your choice, take a look online generally. Local-based websites such as Yelp or YellowPages can be great for helping you to see what’s out there. Most of these local-based sites are also good for ranking them in terms of their overall quality so that you’ll see the highest-reviewed companies first.

Finding a reliable plumber can take some effort, especially if you’ve been burned before with untrustworthy companies. However, you don’t need to resign yourself to sticking with those not-so-good options. There are many options available, it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you.

Even the smallest plumbing leak can turn into a large disaster leading to a large financial cost.Here are just a few tips to troubleshoot simple plumbing problems to save your plumbing system and your wallet.

If the sound of your dripping faucet Is driving you to insanity, it could be a range of different things. The culprit might be a worn O ring. The O ring is situated in the stem of the faucet and keeps the handle in place. Since the tap is pushed and pulled this ring wears off resulting in a flow at the bottom of the deal.


The problem could also be an older, worn-out cartridge. There is a mesh filter located at the end of the faucet and over time this could become clogged with mineral deposits. Together with the clog comes reduced water pressure and increased stress on the tap. It is a fantastic idea to have these replaced every year or two.
Troublesome Toilets


Leaks in toilets often go undetected Since they don’t make a mess on the ground, rather toilets leak internally. This usually means the bathroom is running all the time and therefore running up your bill. One of the most frequent sources of a toilet escape is a deformed rubber flapper. Over time they can lose their form and neglect to correctly seal your tank.

Another common issue that results in a Toilet leak is when the chain connected to the flapper becomes twisted. This prevents the flapper from sitting flush from the system and enables water to flow through. Luckily this may be a cheap $20 repair if you catch it early enough.

Inconvenient Clogs

Among the most common pipes Issues for many homeowners is clogged pipes. Clogs captured early can easily be removed with a DIY plunger. However more critical clogs need to be snaked by a professional.

Hair, toothpaste, and toothbrush Bristles, and toilet paper could all contribute to a backed up pipe. It Can be tempting to buy drain cleaners, but these frequently do more harm than good. If you can not fix the clog your self, call your local professional.

Can’t fix it yourself? Call MRC Plumbing Co. We are here 24/7/365.

Plumbing issues are an inevitable part of being a homeowner. While aging fixtures and normal wear and tear on plumbing are some of the main problems that occur, how systems are used and maintenance is another cause for plumbing concerns.

At MRC Plumbing we see and fix all types of plumbing problems, here are some of the most common issues our experts come across and what is usually the cause.

1. Dripping Faucets

Wasteful, costly, and annoying dripping faucets is an issue many homeowners face. Dripping faucets is usually the victim of a worn-out O ring or washer which is easily replaced. On some occasions corrosion or even improper installation is the culprit and can be more difficult to repair.

If your faucet is dripping don’t wait it could be costing you more than you think. Call our expert plumbers to diagnose the problem and fix your faucet.

2. Leaking Pipes

There are many reasons why a pipe may begin leaking, including:

Incorrect pipe laying

Pipe Joint damage


Pipe corrosion

Excessive water pressure

Cracked pipes

No matter the cause leaking pipes is an issue that needs to be fixed immediately to prevent further damage to your home. The longer leaking pipes are ignored the more damage they cause to your home and other areas of your plumbing.

3. Running Toilets

Fun fact, running toilets could waste up to 200 gallons of water per day! The main problems that can cause a running toilet are:

~Corroded toilet handles

~Improperly sized flapper chains

~Refill tube problems

~Worn out flapper seals

4. Low Water Pressure

One of the many challenges of a plumbing system is low water pressure. Having low water pressure can make using any plumbing system in your home difficult. Often low water pressure is the symptom of a much larger issue including;

~ Water leaks in your home

~Cracked sewer lines

~Drain or sewer clogs

5. Leaking Hose Spigot

After a long, cold winter, many hose spigots can begin to crack and leak, a frost-proof hose spigot is the best way to reduce the chances of having hose spigot leaks.

6. Slow or Clogged Drains

Having slow or clogged drains can cause health hazards and need to be addressed quickly before further plumbing damage and health concerns.

~ One clogged drain in a home generally means the problem is localized to one area of the plumbing system and can be easily addressed. Clogged drains can be a result of excess soap, hair, or other foreign objects have built up over time and a proper drain cleaning is needed.

~Multiple slow or clogged drains can be the result of sewer line problems. It is important to call an expert plumbing immediately if you start noticing multiple clogged drains in your home. 

7. Sump Pump Failure

Some of the causes of a sump failure are:

~Aging sump pumps usually around 10 years of age

~Stuck switches

~Clogged discharge pipes

~Heavy rain causing an overwhelming amount of water

~Improper installation

When you notice sump pump failure call an expert plumber to diagnose the problem and get your sump pump fixed before further damage can be caused.

8. Water Heater Problems

Hot water is essential to every home so when water heaters are not providing enough hot water it can be a dilemma. Water heaters can fail from problems including:

~The wrong size system to support the home

~Loose or broken electrical connections

~Improper installation

~Corrosion or sediment build up

~Heating element failure